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Your expert with detailed experience and knowledge in the dental business

Kai Schuster

Owner and CEO

After apprenticing as a dental tecnician, Kai Schuster was working as a dental tecnician in different Laboratories. 1989 he started his own business and founded the „OrthoTech“ dental laboratory. The OrthoTech was extremly successfull and already 1992 the single Lab was grown to a group with 5 branches and 150 employess.  Based on the success in Germany new international cooperations could be established. The main Focus was to build up an excellent wide range network for Knowhow-Transfer. Kai Schuster sold the OrthoTech-Group in the Year 2000, and founded the „Global Connection“. Focus in this Company was advice and mediation, classic troubleshooting in different dental laboratories, restructuring and changemanagement. After 12 successfull years the Global Connection was liquidatet to open the way for a new challenge - the birth of DentalMerge!

Ralf Möller

Owner and CEO

After apprenticing as a dental tecnician, Ralf Möller has held a number of management positions in dental laborartories an becomes a specialist in this part of the dental field. 1990 he moved to the dental industry. Ralf Möller was working in the distribution for over 10 years.  He worked as well as trainer and coach for dental tecnicians, and was consultant for startup companies.  2000 he accepted the offer from one of the biggest dental lab goups in Germany and he took over the position as an authorized signatory and CEO of 15 dental Labs in the north of Germany and two labs abroud. The main focus was restructuring and reorganization.  Ralf Möller managed this challenge with great success. This time was interrupted with a job for one of the biggest Import companies for dental work in Europe. Ralf Möller took over the responsible position of an authorized signatory and sales manager for Germany and Europe. In that time Ralf Möller build up an impressive network and valuable contacts. Today a lot of these contacts has a private character. A valuable source and basic for DentalMerge.